Welcome to Trans-Border, Laurie Bohn!

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Please give a warm welcome to the newest member of our sales team – Laurie Bohn! Laurie has been working as an independent agent with Trans-Border for the last year and is now with us full time!

Laurie’s 25 years of logistics experience began when she started working for her mother’s import company while in college. From making copies to managing insurance claims, Laurie fell in love with the logistics industry. At the time, she wanted to become a teacher, and she did receive her Bachelor of Arts in Language and Literature from SUNY Old Westbury. She went on to teach for a year and a half.  However, Laurie knew she had to go back to logistics, and she did just that! Throughout the years, she has worked in freight forwarding, customs brokerage, import compliance and sourcing. In 2008, she accepted a position as a Sales and Marketing Manager, and she has been in the business development side ever since!

Laurie is married, and she has three beautiful children, Juliette, Kristopher, and Nikolaus. They also have two adorable chihuahuas, Samantha Davis Jr. and Katerina Valentina, and one cat, Petra. There isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for her “perfect” kids. She proved it earlier this week when she drove 193 miles up to Trans-Border Sunday night just to realize her sons’ hockey equipment was in the backseat. They were going to start hockey camp Monday morning, so Laurie drove all the way back, dropped off the equipment, and returned to Trans-Border!

“What keeps me going is going!” said Laurie. And she means it! When she isn’t working, Laurie devotes her time to her children. She attends their hockey games, kick-line competitions, PTA functions, etc. She values traveling with her family and getting the chance to show her kids the world! Her favorite place to travel to is Europe because it is easy to travel between countries and experience the different cultures.

To Laurie, the most exciting thing about working with Trans-Border is that she knows she is working with experienced professionals who will take care of her clients. She often says her clients are like her children, and she is dedicated in giving them the best customer service that she can.

We are very excited to have Laurie at Trans-Border! Stop by Laurie’s desk when she is in  the office or drop her a welcome message at lbohn@tbgfs.com.